For two who helped


To the Editor:

Yesterday morning I found myself alone in the house, preparing myself for a day at work. As I looked out of my upstairs window, I admired how cute our street looked.My heart was wrenched from my chest as I saw two dogs run through the street, one of them under the tires of a truck coming down the road.

It was only the blink of an eye as I flew out of the house and ran to the puppy. I knelt with her and tried to offer comfort. She was suffering but my touch calmed her down. I knew the dog, a very sweet little thing. I told her how sweet she was and how brave and I told her I would try to get help.

No one stopped their car, but I asked a man who had been walking by if he could call the number on the tag. He couldn’t get through so he left a message explaining what had happened. The police came, and I asked if they could please rush Sadie to the vet. They said they couldn’t.

A car pulled up and a couple leapt out. They looked like they were enjoying a relaxed vacation until that moment. The man said he was a veterinarian. He said he could help and that he would bring her to the animal hospital. I petted Sadie one last time and he took her.

I ran down the street to where I knew the owner of the dog worked but I couldn’t find him. So I walked home. No one was in front of my house anymore.

I was late for work so I got some shoes and left the house. My cat and dogs looked worried and anxiously came to the front porch to watch me go.

It was very busy all day at the Bakehouse where I work on Sundays. Most of the customers are on vacation and get mad that they have to stand in a line for a couple minutes. A lot of them are very rude. I just tried to shrug it off as usual and keep a smile ready for anyone nice who happened to show up. The hordes of vacationers with their sour looks as they waited didn’t really bother me at all yesterday.

There were two vacationers who had made up for it all by stopping on the road that morning to help Sadie.They got Sadie to the vet. Sadie’s person made it in time to say good-bye.

Sadie was not the first animal I’ve held in the road after an accident. These were the first people to ever stop and help. Every other time the animal has died in the street. Thanks to the vet and his wife, Sadie was able to have some comfort in her last moments.Rest in peace, Sadie. Thank you to all of the vacationers who come to the Island and help someone out.

Marciana Jones

Oak Bluffs