And the headline reads: Shantytown Sets Up Camp On Squid Row. Shantytown, the gathering place of summer friends that typically is situated at Squibnocket Beach, migrated to Squid Row one evening last week. There was a trickling in of small blonde children, many of whom are members of the O’Connor clan, and moms and dads, many still decked out in their beach attire. Smiling faces with fishing poles in hand took to the dock and overran the benches along the Texaco. O’Connors, Keefes, Ruanes, and more snuck in just after dark to try catching the infamous squid. It was a big night out for the Shantytown dwellers. The rest of the week was dedicated to good sleep in preparation for a steady pace at the Chilmark Road Race.

Bill called and said, “This is awful! How are we going to fix it?” It turns out Bill Edison, my faithful and dedicated sports commentator made a serious blunder in regards to the August 7 game. Unbeknownst to Bill, Flanders Field had a showing of 18 dedicated softball players despite the rain. Poor Bill missed out on all the fun when he assumed the game was postponed and opted to sleep in when he saw the rain trickling down his bedroom window. It’s okay, Bill, I forgive you for the bad information — this time. So much for a December make-up game.

Morgan, Louise, and Emmet Shipway have made their annual trek to town to spend quality time with Tyler (among others) who has really enjoyed evenings on Dutcher Dock in close proximity to the touch/torture tank. Emmet spent part of his summer aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer participating in their summer Science at SEA program.

Today is not only marks the first day of the Fair but it also is the day Emma and Bob Shalhope celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. They will celebrate with a night out at State Road Restaurant (shhh…they will be celebrating Emma’s birthday, too) and a sunset stroll around Menemsha topped off with a few Tootsie Rolls and, perhaps, a couple of Peppermint Patties. Happy celebration week to you both. I always enjoy our few moments of catch-up time.

Zee and Bill Gamson spent two weeks in Berlin at a conference and sight-seeing with friends. Upon their return, son Josh Gamson and Richard Knight visited for a week with their two girls, Reba (five) and Maddy (1). Their daughter Jenny Gamson and Steve Seckler arrived a week later after a family wedding in Cambridge with their three teens, Gilad, Ari, and Maya. Time together with family is certainly treasured by all.

Enjoy an hour-long free session of Music Together, with Joyce Maxner, at the Aquinnah Library next Thursday August 25. Join her from 3 to 4 pm for her lively and interactive singing and tapping get-together geared towards families and caregivers with children under five.

According to librarian Kristen Maloney, the poems submitted to the 2011 Brickner Poetry Contest were of such high quality that choosing winners was very difficult. MVRHS soon-to-be sophomore Thorpe Karabees took first place in the high school category, with second place going to Isabel Feinstein of Concord. Sunday Hull of Somerville topped the junior high category, with a close second going out to Rachel Mellicker of Montclair, N.J. The lucky winners were given an opportunity to share their poems at the library’s winners ceremony this past Monday.

Browsing through the August edition of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. I came across a few familiar names in the article relating to the Fair. Of course, Miss Eleanor Neubert, whose claims to fame not only include the Fair but her position in the K/1 class at the Chilmark School, was captured in print along with reminiscing with the late Ozzie Fischer. But what really caught my eye was the brief discussion with Andrew and Peter Ruimerman regarding trash duty. Pete and Andrew are the most recent and welcomed additions to the Texaco staff. I love seeing, reading, and hearing things about “my kids.”

Question: are you an avid walker but frightened at times by the traffic on the road? An anonymous reader shared a hot tip with me recently. Peaked Hill has wide, newly mowed paths. Thank you, anonymous. Good tip.

Built on Stilts, in its 15th year has shows at Union Chapel Saturday through Tuesday. All shows start at 8 pm and are free. It is a collection of homegrown, beautifully choreographed dances. I assure you, there will be familiar faces spinning and twirling center stage. Is it silly that watching my daughter dance with a smile on her face surrounded by friends, both old and new, made me teary? I hope not.