Good luck, Nisa and Ben


To the Editor:

Here are another two voices who find it really terrible what is happening to Nisa Counter and Ben Ramsey with the Sheriff’s Meadows Foundation (SMF), over their land that has been in Ben’s family for several generations.

It is hard enough to be newly married, trying to build a small house, trying to start a little family in a place where you grew up and have long ties, and to be treated as if you don’t matter by rich, elite outsiders is unacceptable.

No wonder all the young talented people are leaving the Island, if this is all they have to look forward to.Hopefully, SMF will be exposed and this injustice will immediately stop and they will all publicly apologize to them both. We understand that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with SMF.

The press and the attorneys for SMF, especially their native-born attorney, should be in that line that will apologize to Nisa and Ben.

We believe that this time they have grabbed the wrong two tigers by the tail and that this fight is not only for Nisa and Ben but for all others that might be intimidated and bullied by all the ones named above.

Good luck, Nisa and Ben.

Phyllis and Woody Williams

Vineyard Haven