Heartfelt thanks


To the Editor:

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Scott Lively of Edgartown. I cannot express how very much his kindness touched my family.

My 17-year-old daughter was traveling to Edgartown, her first flight across the United States on her own, when she was left in the Boston airport alone, due to a cancelled flight to Martha’s Vineyard.

She and I were talking on the phone and trying to determine the safest way to get her to the family she was traveling to nanny for. Scott approached my daughter and offered to safely deliver her himself.

Of course, I refused his offer, not willing to allow her to accompany a stranger anywhere. However, the family my daughter was to work with had aquaintances who knew Scott and knew him to be a good person. He was kind enough to text me a copy of his driver’s license and personal information before providing both a safe trip and food to my daughter and delivering her safely to her intended destination.

I truly believe that my daughter’s guardian angel was looking out for her in presenting Scott that night. I would like Edgartown to know that for this Idaho family, you have a hero living among you. Thank you, Scott.

Debbie Marchetti

Pocatello, Idaho