I wish you fun, Mr. President


To the Editor:

Welcome, Mr. President.

I am sorry that the only letters to you in the last paper were unkind. This world has many folks in it who are unable to take responsibility for their own lives. Ever the victims, they will always look elsewhere to place blame, and unfortunately for you, your job shall attract so much of that.

It would also be very difficult for any person to be able to go on vacation and find a place where absolutely everyone in that area likes them. You know the old adage, “You can please some of the people some of the time, etc.”

Everyone who works deserves a vacation, and some forget that your particular job never truly allows you to shut your phone off and just relax.

Politics is so unfortunately polarizing and nuts. Bless you for taking on an utterly encompassing task. Life is not always enjoyable, but good people deserve good, regardless of race, religion, political stance, etc.

I wish you fun and loads of rest for you and yours. Enjoy your stay.

Oh, and a suggestion sir. I know you’ve got kids in school, but next year try September, if at all possible. It’s so much better.

Scott Allen Herschowitz

Oak Bluffs