No change that he can see


To the Editor:

Mr. President, I lost my job six months after you were sworn into office. You have continually stated that you have been working on the job problem, but no one except you can find any results that show your solutions have worked. In fact, there are more unemployed people now as compared to the time when you were sworn in two and one half years ago.

My wife and I fight every day about where to spend our retirement funds that are just about depleted. As we have little funds, we are losing our home by way of foreclosure. You state that you now have a solution, but advise us that your explanation of this solution is being delayed as you are on vacation in your $50,000 a week waterfront estate. Last week, we learned that you purchased two luxurious buses for $2.2 million. In your attempt to bring back more manufacturing jobs to our country, we now learned that the buses were made in Canada. I am pretty sure that we have facilities to produce buses here in the United States. Your questionable leadership certainly sends mixed messages.

Instead of using one plane to bring you and your family to the Vineyard, you found it more convenient to use several planes to fly you and your family here. Gosh, the amount of extra fuel could have provided me and several of my unemployed fellow residents enough fuel to drive our cars for the rest of our lifetimes.

I do appreciate that you are planning to give few speeches while you are on vacation, as it appears that the stock market drastically drops 300 or 400 points after each of your more recent speeches. You state that you want more cooperation from the members of the Republican party, and then you and your staff refer to them as “radicals” or “terrorists.” It just appears that you do everything to agitate the relationships that you need to put forth your agenda which has repeatedly failed in the past.

So, as my fellow 14.5 million unemployed citizens continue to suffer their status of having no jobs, all you can do is to wave to bystanders as you continue to block traffic as you move around on our beautiful Island. Isn’t that wonderful. In the last six months, you have taken your family on vacations to Brazil and Africa — all at the expense of taxpayers. Did you realize that employment and the economy have drastically slowed during your administration? You state that you do not feel that we will have a double-dip recession. I agree with you, as we are still in the same recession and nothing has changed since you became president.

Peter Elliot

Oak Bluffs

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