Security on steroids


To the Editor:

Around 5 pm on Sunday evening,I happened to gaze out on Vineyard Sound and observe two Coast Guard boats in Lambert’s Cove. What distinguished these boats was that they each had a machine gun on the bow and one of these machine guns was manned.

I surmised that a VIP must be in the area and decided to kayak down to the beach and see what was happening. Upon arrival at the beach, I looked out to see the two Coast Guard boats tied up to my sailboat and a guardsman searching every locker on the boat.

I waved at them to no avail and finally went home and called the station in Menemsha. I was first told they were doing a safety inspection and they had a right to board any boat. I suggested to them that the boat was on a mooring with no one on board and no life in danger and also pointed out that the boat is registered and has a number on the bow and they could have contacted me before boarding my boat.

At this time in the conversation, the officer informed me it was a security situation as Obama was in the area.

This morning, Monday, I read on the MV Times website that President Obama was visiting his good friend Brian Roberts at least a half a mile and around Paul’s Point from where my boat is moored.

My boat has been moored in Lambert’s Cove for 30 years and is a small, open catamaran, and how it could be construed as a security risk is beyond me. I don’t think the Coast Guard or anyone else has the right to board my boat without my permission, which would have been granted if they had contacted me.

Kent Medowski

Vineyard Haven