Wandering beagle returned


To the Editor:

It was June. I had just adopted a shelter beagle from out of state on a Saturday, brought him home to Chappy on Sunday, and he escaped from right between our legs on Monday afternoon.

There were so many people to thank for their phone calls, sightings, status reports, and curiosity as I posted signs along the road. Many responded: the Communications Center, Animal Control Officer Barbara Prada, Kath Monterosso, Steven Kanes, Abby Henneman, Carole and Chris Kennedy, Annie Heywood, Frank Gazarian, Steve Feinberg, Judy Cronig, Jimmy DiMatia and his sons, Sue Geresy, Edgartown police officer Dayce Moore, the NStar and Verizon men, a part-time Chappy ferry captain who recommended I call the Trustees and Land Bank, and George Moran. We successfully trapped Scuttle-Honey 32 hours after his run for freedom.

Move forward. Honey the Beagle took off again on August 4 (hardware malfunction) and was gone for a week this time. We tried to trap him again, but Mr. Smarty Pants remembered the food in the crate trick we employed the last time and wouldn’t go in to feed. He would come back periodically, probably looking for food, but we just couldn’t grab his leash (he was wearing his harness and leash). I stuffed mailboxes asking people to watch for him and listed my name and phone number. We got a call Wednesday night at dusk August 10, from Steve Feinberg, Peaceable Kingdom, who lives down the road, and he told us he had Honey.

I am so grateful to Steve, Rosemary, and his friends who caught my Honey. How can I ever repay such a rescue. Thanks, Steve, from the bottom of my heart.

We animal lovers are very lucky to live where animals are so important. Thank you one and all.

Susan and George Gomez


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