“Of light like intervals” show sparkled at Featherstone

The digital light artists, Lili Maya and James Rouvelle, examine the display they set up at Featherstone this past week. — Photo by CK Wolfson

Lighting up Featherstone Center for the Arts this past week was the show, Of light like intervals, using digitally programmed light, robotics, and custom optics, constructed by Lili Maya and James Rouvelle.

The 14 sculptures and 10 giclee prints were created by the New York-based couple who assembled a kinetic installation composed of LEDs, dichroic media, sensors, and robotics. Their materials included paper, thread, wire, and micro-controllers, and recycled consumer electronics — copper wire, power cords, electric components. All the elements are placed within the unique visual composition to be viewed as a whole.

Also displayed were their digital prints, and light-sensitive new works of casting paper embedded with electronics and custom optics.

Ms. Maya explained: “The look of each work in the show was inspired by walks in the woods around the Vineyard. The intricate, twisting branches, and horizontality of the trees and brush here are reflected in the way we use our wire, and monofilament throughout our work.”