To the Editor:

Not being one for sentimentality, here I go, for the first time. Two anniversaries are approaching for my husband, Richard, and me. (1) Moving to the Vineyard full-time 10 years ago, November 5; and (2) the sad anniversary of 9/11. These two are forever intertwined.

Our house in New York sold in August, 2001, and Richard, a New York CIty firefighter, was in the depths of 9/11 a month later. Here he was losing friends, going to funerals and memorials, and aching with the pain of what he had seen.

So, for another first that I’m certainly not proud of, I thank Richard and all the other people who worked to save others that day and went through pain, physically and/or mentally, that will never go away.

May all of us come together to remember these heroes and those who lost their lives, and most importantly, to show love and compassion instead of anger and disharmony in our country and in our world, which is becoming as small as our Island. We all need to care more and put aside the pettiness of greed and distrust.

And thank you people of the Vineyard for accepting us and giving us a true home.

Phyllis Kugler

West Tisbury