Well, for the third year in a row Buddy Vanderhoop was denied the experience of taking the President fishing. The first year the Obamas came, they needed to leave early for Ted Kennedy’s funeral and so the fishing trip did not happen. Last year there were some fishing politics happening in New Bedford and the President didn’t want to step on any toes, and this year, Hurricane Irene came through. But this year at least, Buddy got a little closer: He attended a cocktail party and got to meet the President. Maybe next year they will go fishing together, although next year will be an election year so there may be no Presidential vacation at all.

School starts today! Summer is officially over. This always brings mixed feelings, mostly for the kids going back. Most of the parents I know are delighted by the start of the school year, myself included. The week after the fair my son started melting down regularly. I knew exactly what it was: too much summer. Too many late nights, too much ice cream and Chilmark Store Pizza, too much sun and sand and too much unstructured time, too many play dates, just too much fun. Hooray for school, I say.

I know that many of us felt that Hurricane Irene was over-hyped in our area, but I just spent the weekend with my sister-in-law who lives in an area in the Catskills that was devastated by flooding from the hurricane. Entire houses were swept away and many others are still filled with water. So it looks like the Vineyard dodged a bullet and we should all breathe a sigh of relief even if the end of our money-making season was curtailed.

The Wampanoag Powwow is this Saturday and Sunday, starting at 12 noon, up at the Cliffs. Come by to see traditional drumming and dancing and eat some delicious food; also come see your friends and neighbors dressed in their traditional garb. It’s really a fine event.

Please come to the Old Town Hall this Saturday at 4 pm to celebrate the life of Michelle Laurie. You are welcome to bring food and remembrances of Michelle. Michelle’s ashes will be scattered on the beach after the service.

Stop by the Louisa Gould Gallery in Vineyard Haven now through September 15 to see the 4th Annual Abstract Art Show curated by Aquinnah seasonal resident Roberta Gross. The exhibit shows Roberta’s work along with four other talented artists.

On Sunday, September 25, Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard will host a golf tournament at Mink Meadows to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This is an Island-wide celebration and people are encouraged to register online at or by calling 508-693-0189. The entry fee is $100, and there will be prizes and breakfast and all the money raised will go to Hospice of M.V.

Happy birthday to Clyde Smith, who turns six this week and starts first grade; what a momentous week for this young man.

Please keep Olga Langer, Curtis Langer’s mother, in your thoughts and prayers right now; she is bravely fighting stomach cancer.

And now that the insanity of summer is over let’s all enjoy the lovely September weather and see all the friends we haven’t seen in months. I’m looking forward to many fall dinners and all the upcoming Harvest festivals.