Aquinnah Library uses grant and local funds to increase collection


The Aquinnah Public Library is beneficiary of a grant for small rural libraries from the LIBRI Foundation of Eugene, Oregon. The library recently received 84 children’s books with a retail value of $1,406, according to a press release.

Library director Catharine Thompson applied for the grant last winter. The good news was delivered in February and the books arrived in August, with the help of the community.

The LIBRI Foundation matches funds up to $350 on a 2-to-1 basis, and asks that $350 be raised by a local sponsor. The Friends of Aquinnah Public Library ran a bottle drive last winter and spring at the transfer station. Amanda Hutchinson brought the bottles to be redeemed down-Island, and the Friends supplemented those earnings to reach the full $350.

“In addition to the bottles being redeemed, the bottle drive for the LIBRI Foundation books taught all of us more about the benefits of recycling,” Ms. Thompson said. “The books are for all ages of youth, and focus on diversity. In addition, the library was awarded an additional $350 worth of children’s science and math books, from the LIBRI Foundation’s donors, Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman.”

The books will be displayed in a special labeled section of the library and each has a book-plate honoring the Friends of the Aquinnah Library and the LIBRI Foundation.

Ms.Thompson said this size book purchase would not have been possible within the library budget and they will be an asset to the collection. “The Library hopes that library users will come in to see the books, and each weekly storytime throughout the coming year will include a reading of books from the LIBRI collection,” she said. “The Library is grateful to the community, the LIBRI Foundation, and the Aquinnah Friends of the Public Library for their support of our library.”