Martha’s Vineyard Schools at a glance

The Martha's Vineyard Regional High School. — File photo by Ralph Stewart

Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

Grades 9-12

Principal Steven Nixon

Approximate enrollment: 687

Staff: 129

Operating budget FY12: $13,175,262

Tel. number: 508-693-1033

Edgartown School

Principal John Stevens

Grades K-8

Approximate enrollment: 328

Staff: 78

**Operating budget FY12: $6,072,235

Tel. number: 508-627-3316

Oak Bluffs School

Principal Richard Smith

Grades: K-8

Approximate enrollment: 382

Staff: 80

**Operating budget FY12: $5,917,457

Tel. number: 508-693-0951

Tisbury School

Principal John Custer

Grades K-8

Approximate enrollment: 320

Staff: 69

**Operating budget FY 12: $5,267,359

Tel. number: 508-696-6500

Chilmark School

Head of School Susan Stevens


Approximate enrollment: 52

Staff: 13

***Operating budget FY 12: $1,133,995

Tel. number: 508-645-2562

West Tisbury School

Principal Michael Halt


Approximate enrollment: 265

Staff: 62

***Operating budget FY 12: $5,345,018

Tel. number: 508-696-7738

Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

Director Robert Moore


Enrollment: 180

Staff: 50

Operating budget FY12: $3,500,000

Tel. number: 508-693-9900

(Enrollment figures are estimated numbers at the opening of school. Staff figures are the total number of individuals including full- and part-time employees.)

*Includes payroll obligations, transportation, benefits, insurance, capital costs, and debt reduced by general fund revenues.

**The operating budget does not include insurance, benefits and payroll obligations for staff, or debt.

***The operating budget for the two schools in the Up-Island Regional School District includes benefits and building insurance. It does not include general liability insurance, payroll obligations, retirement, capital costs, transportation, or debt reduced by general fund revenue.