Oak Bluffs School’s new principal is eager to enhance achievements

Richie Smith — Photo courtesy of Tisbury School

I am extremely honored to be a part of the Oak Bluffs School. Our staff has been very hard at work in anticipation of the first day back with our children. I have been busy as well, making changes in the context of those things that the Oak Bluffs School has always done well. Necessary changes to our daily format and structure have been made while honoring and enhancing the traditions and practices that make the Oak Bluffs School a uniquely special place.

The Oak Bluffs School is a high achieving school as evidenced by state aggregate scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. Our children continue to perform at high levels in math, language arts, and science. Oak Bluffs student athletes continue to excel in sports as well, winning Island championships on a consistent basis. Our Blazer staff is a leader in the implementation of the Responsive Classroom Social Curriculum, and it continues to provide a high quality education for our children despite challenging economic times that regularly necessitate decreasing budgets.

As a principal, I recognize the efforts that have been made on the part of our staff to improve instruction. For the upcoming year, our teaching staff has been organized into teams so that the achievement of every child receives increased attention. Analysis of student achievement data will be emphasized to help inform and drive our instruction. In our shared leadership model, teachers will have the opportunity to regularly collaborate with one another, sharing their craft knowledge and best practices in the interests of our students. The collective capacity of our staff, along with our talented, hard-working children, will ensure continued high achievement among our student body.

In a short time I have become acquainted with a high quality staff, a passionate school committee, and many fine parents. It is as a parent that I have come to know the Oak Bluffs School as a special place. My oldest son attends the Oak Bluffs School by choice. Through his experiences, I have learned of the high quality of the staff at our school. My son has flourished academically, socially, and emotionally during his first three years. He loves this school, his teachers, and the many friends he has made. As a parent, I can’t ask for any more, and now I have been afforded the opportunity to become a part of this great staff. I am excited to take on the responsibility of leading our school.

We have much to be proud of in regards to the accomplishments of the children and staff of the Oak Bluffs School and our continued collaborative efforts among our staff, students, and parents in earning a reputation for helping to foster wonderful, accomplished, high achieving students.

Richie Smith is principal of Oak Bluffs School.