Rupert the rooster, etc.


To the Editor:

Despite the fact that there is a Tisbury town ordinance; (Article 13, Amendment 04.03.05), effective April 30, 1997, specifically prohibiting the raising of fowl, Rupert the rooster is still crowing relentlessly at all hours of the day and night on Leonard Circle in Vineyard Haven.

So, for the last three years the Tisbury town officials have chosen to ignore so many complaints that the town administrator, John Bugbee, finally had to assign a specific person to handle them all this summer. This is in addition to the many complaints filed with the Tisbury animal control officer, the Vineyard Haven police, the environmental police and last, but certainly not least, the selectmen.

After discussing the matter with the Tisbury town counsel, the selectmen decided it would be illegal to go on someone’s property where the rooster roosts because it happened to be posted. Which tells me the key to breaking the law is to simply put up a No Trespassing sign, so no one, including the authorities, can come on your property.

That said, I would like to reiterate that those of us who are kept up by Rupert’s incessant crowing want no harm to come to him. We just feel that running with the turkeys is a poor substitute for running with the hens on a farm where he could screech to his heart’s content.

June Parker