Thanks from the Edgartown Library Foundation


To the Editor:

I realize I am not much of a public speaker, but I’m working on that skill. Here’s what I should have said at our Labor Day Library Event, held at the Katama Airfield.

Could there be a better place to have a fun picnic than at the Right Fork Diner at Katama Airfield? Huge thanks to Jaime and her staff for being so welcoming and helpful. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

To all the volunteers from the Foundation, Friends, Trustees, and those we collared to help us. Extra thanks to the set-up wizard, Tjark Aldeborgh, a thousand thanks for your hard work in setting up, keeping things moving, and cleaning up.To the Foundation’s essay contest winners, thank you for attending and inspiring us with your ideas about what our new library will offer our community.

Thanks to the generosity of Mike Creato and Classic Aviators; the lucky raffle ticket winner will undoubtedly enjoy the ride over Katama in the biplane.

From biplanes to model planes, we were fascinated with the RC model airplanes on display with the devotees of the MV Model Airplane Club. The foam plate planes they built for the kids really soared in the windy conditions we had. We appreciate your time and talents.

The new Island company, MV Bouncy House Rentals, set up the popular bouncy house for the kids and gave the Foundation a much appreciated discount. We are so grateful.

Did you see the bunnies and goats? Did you spin wool into yarn? Did you eat an organic hot dog? We enjoyed them all, thanks to The Farm Institute!

Speaking of organic, so much credit goes to Organic Ranchers and Scott Lively. They donated all of the organic hamburgers, buns, plates, napkins, utensils, condiments, and their time. Huge thanks. We know it wouldn’t have happened without you.Other donors to the menu included Morning Glory Farm (luscious tomatoes, onions and lettuce) and a bandstand flatbed truck for Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish — you enjoyed them during the Sounds Like Summer Music Series, funded by Foundation donations. We hope they’ll be back next Labor Day. Our Dairy Queen provided the yummy sundae toppings, and Cash & Carry was generous with our last-minute orders. The Chilmark Spring Water Company provided a water cooler and gallons of water, and Stephen Warriner of Homes on Martha’s Vineyard donated a large quantity of soda. Thank you.

Events like this can’t happen without some nuts and bolts providers. Thank you to ABC Disposal, Big Sky Tent Rentals, Tisbury Printers, Island Distributors, and VB Graphics. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

That’s a lot of words of thanks to stand at a podium and say. I’m sure I would have missed someone. I hope in this letter I’ve captured you all. Now everyone knows what generous people we have on the Island, whose community comes out, works hard, and has a fun time together.

That, in reality, is what our library is all about, too. With the funds raised through your continued participation in events produced by the Foundation, the library and our community will soon enjoy a Microsoft Surface Table, an Early Literacy Station, and a number of other items identified on the Wish List.

With our continued hard work and support, a new library will come to fruition in Edgartown.It will be fun.

Susan L. Cahoon


Edgartown Library Foundation