Thanks for a professional reponse


To the Editor:

On Friday morning at 3:50 am, I received a phone call from the Island Communication Center reporting that several boats were on fire at the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard’s storage site at the Airport Business Park.

I arrived within 15 minutes to find the entire Edgartown volunteer fire company, as well as the airport fire truck, working to extinguish the blaze. It appeared to me as though there were 50 men working on the fire.

As I approached the scene, I asked to speak with the fire chief and the police officer in charge. From my first exchange with an unknown member of the fire company and throughout the entire ordeal, everyone I spoke with was professional, courteous, helpful, and interested. This made, what for me was a bad situation, manageable.

My interaction with the Edgartown Fire Department is one I will never forget. I wish I knew each and every member of the fire company, so that I could thank each one personally. I give special thanks to Fire Chief Peter Shemeth and Assistant Chief Scott Ellis. On behalf of the Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard and my customers who were affected, I thank you for your professionalism.

Phil Hale


Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard

Vineyard Haven