Do the right thing for seniors


To the Editor:

I read in this weeks MV Times about Oak Bluffs’ proposed cuts for the senior center.

I was dumbfounded. Whenever I have had the pleasure and need of stopping in there for various reasons, the staff, no matter how busy they were, were so helpful and took time to hear your needs and direct you in the right direction for help. I cannot see a project manager and volunteers giving the seniors the quality and expertise that this staff has given to the seniors and others on this Island. The staff deserves to be paid for their hard work. How much will we be spending for a project manager?

I understand that the town needs to make cuts in their budget, but they should not start with the Senior Center. I’m not sure what they are thinking. There has got to be a better way then what they’ve proposed.

What, if any, is the town’s cost for the proposed $1.2 million roundabout that no one wants except a select few? I know that the state is subsidizing the money, which the state can’t afford either. If the town will have to come up with money toward this project, it may better be used for the senior center. Or there have got to be other areas in the town’s budget where cuts can be made.

It is imperative that we take care of our seniors and provide the best service that we can give them. Remember, we will all be there some day. We do appreciate all the volunteers who help during the year to keep the vital programs going.

Let’s do the right thing for once.

Cindy Corner

Oak Bluffs