Edgartown selectmen must step up on Comcast deal


To the Editor:

The following is a letter sent to the Edgartown selectmen:

You are the key to getting cable service to Chappaquiddick. It is very important to the future of Edgartown, as a whole, that this is accomplished.

It has been said that the Edgartown selectmen failed to insist upon this when the last contract was approved by the Edgartown selectmen. The voters and taxpayers were asleep at that time. They are not asleep now.

Besides, now there is adequate space for the cables in the new tubes beneath the harbor. This is no longer an excuse.

This is a situation that will likely have a significant impact on property values on Chappaquiddick. While this Edgartown neighborhood pays approximately 17 percent of the taxes collected by the town, the lack of communication services and the resulting public outcry and awareness will reduce interest from buyers of property for sale. This could become expensive for the town.

So, if the Edgartown selectmen are not willing to “go to bat” for the Edgartown voters and property owners, perhaps the economic ramifications might provide incentive.

In addition to demanding this yourselves, please use any leverage with the other towns to seek their support. Edgartown is a major financial supporter of the county government, the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School, the Regional High School, and other collective efforts. None of the other five towns would allow a “public utility” to ignore 17 percent of its constituents.

Insist on Chappaquiddick being included. Not doing so should be a deal breaker.

Lionel Spiro