Seagull heist


To the Editor:

When I was 17, my Aunt Marcia took me to have my ears pierced in Vineyard Haven and then purchased a lovely pair of hammered gold earrings from Mark Lender, a goldsmith on Main Street. For 38 years, I have loved these earrings, wearing them almost daily, through good times and bad.

Much to my dismay, I lost them last week at Lambert’s Cove Beach. I took them off to put on my bathing cap and goggles for a swim. I placed them in a ziplock bag in my beach tote and went on my way. When I returned the ziplock was gone. At that point I knew a seagull must have been intrigued by the prospect of an unattended sandwich and went after the bag.

I searched, but to no avail. Yet, encouraged by my husband, I posted a sign at the beach parking lot. And amazingly, a kind woman called with the happy news that her son had found my ziplock with one earring.

Thanks to her and her environmentally friendly beach-cleaning son, I now have one earring and have found a goldsmith who will create a mate to complete my pair.

So, watch out for those seagulls, but be glad we have such innocent thieves.

Karin Stanley

West Tisbury