Thanks to an empathetic stranger


To the Editor:

I was leaving the Dukes County Court House on Friday, September 2, when a stranger stopped to tell me how sorry she was for what I was going through. She happened to be in the courtroom and heard me read my victim impact statement, which was part of the criminal proceeding against my offender.

I was in a bit of shock, after just going through something very traumatic, when I felt her gentle touch on my shoulder. I would have never thought a few kind words spoken by a complete stranger could have helped me so tremendously.

I would like this woman to know how much her loving gesture meant to me. I don’t think she will ever realize the far-reaching impact her few words made to help me through a challenging time. The validation, compassion and empathy she expressed in those few moments, stills my heart.

In today’s age, the fact that a complete stranger takes a moment to share a few supportive words is a rare occurrence. I am very blessed to have had that happen to me. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, stranger, for your kindness.

On rare occasions, The Times has published unsigned letters in these columns in the print newspaper. In such cases – and this is one – the editor knows who the letter writer is and has learned enough of the underlying circumstances to conclude that publishing the unsigned letter is warranted.

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