Teenage dreams: Inside a teen’s room

A room designed for two teenage brothers, by Rentschler and Co., featured a blue, grey, and brown color-scheme, a built-in desk, and wall-to-wall carpet to muffle footsteps below. — Photo courtesy of Rentschler and Co.

The tween and teenage bedroom is a unique thing. While younger children may allow their parents to shop for their bedspreads, lights, paint or wallpaper and the 20-somethings start to de-clutter, a teenager’s room is often full of posters, signs, and meaningful items accumulated from years past.

In recent years, large home and design stores have caught on to the new market and started offering selections for youth and teens. Pottery Barn created PB teen; Crate and Barrel has The Land of Nod; and under IKEA’s New section on its website, there is a youth room category. Walmart and Target also dedicate part of their websites to the youth home-design market.

Thirteen-year-old Lindsy Dario of Oak Bluffs redecorates her room almost every month. Her favorite parts? The cutout of teen sensation musician Justin Bieber, and her closet. “The one thing that’s missing is a bigger TV in my room, and a bigger reading area and place to hang out with my friends,” she wrote in a Facebook message. On the Island, she likes shopping at Rainy Day and Midnight Farm, and says her friends like IKEA and PB Teen.

While some teens do not need help with their decor, some need help from the experts. Rentschler and Company Interiors, an Island interior design business based in Vineyard Haven, has experience in designing and decorating for kids and teens. Recently, they created a “boy cave” for two brothers, and a room for two sisters who summer on the Vineyard.

“Two maturing teenage boys wanted their quarters cool, comfy, clean-lined and user-friendly for their electronics and storage for their personal stuff. They weighed in on colors, materials, and function and the parents were very accommodating and willing to give them the design reins with our supervision,” said Mary Rentschler, owner of Rentschler and Co. “An overall masculine boy cave was achieved with a natural palette of greys, browns, and blues, combining dark wood combined with mahogany as anchoring elements, and slate bathroom floors with beachstones in the shower to accommodate male teenage wear and tear.” Rentschler and Co. used accessories found at several Island businesses: Tracker, LeRoux at Home, and at the weekly Antique Show and Sale at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

For the two sisters, Rentschler and Co. designed two bedrooms, one in their hometown of Atlanta, and one here on the Vineyard, using items from Midnight Farm, Bramhall and Dunn, Nochi, Rainy Day, Off Main, and Tracker.

“The sisters managed to merge their unique styles and offered relatively harmonious design input, both liking the local options and the more casual, easy Vineyard lifestyle more than their back-home city life. Sunbleached furniture and woven rugs combined with treasures from around the planet in colorful, ethnic, patterned fabrics and mirrored pillows purchased locally on the Vineyard and beyond.”

For more information, visit rentschlerinteriors.com.

Google it

Google “Teenage Bedroom” and you’ll find a blog, Teenage Bedroom (teenagebedroom.tumblr.com), that urges readers to send in pictures of their teen room.

Since its inception in March of 2010, there have been 1,600 photo submissions, averaging 89 a month, featuring world maps, Marilyn Manson posters, Green Day bedspreads, multi-colored Christmas lights, and glow-in-the-dark painted rooms. The slogan? “This blog is my homage to all of us when we were still young and exciting, before we got old and boring.”