Top notch emergency services


To the Editor:

This letter was sent to fire Chief Peter Shemeth and police Chief Antone Bettencourt of Edgartown.

On September 7, I did a really foolish thing. After playing a few holes of golf in the afternoon (I birdied my last hole) I kept my rubber golf spikes on in the house. My spikes caused me to fall down several stairs and crack my head open on the floor.

My wife called 911. Fire department personnel Chuck Cummings, Elmer Vanderhoop, and Matt Millman, together with police department personnel, Tom Smith and William Bishop, responded to the call immediately. They all arrived at my house almost instantly.

The medical treatment I received was delivered in such a professional, caring way that it made my daughter, who is visiting us from Sanibel, Florida, comment that although she hopes nothing like this ever happens to her, if it does happen, she sure hopes in happens right here in Edgartown.

My wife’s dad was a 40-year career police officer. He was a police chief in Mansfield, Ohio and Sanibel, Florida for 25 of those years. Both my wife and her mom (who stays with us in the summer) know good police work when they see it. They both recognize that Sergeant Smith and Officer Bishop did their jobs in an extremely competent and compassionate manner.

The performance of all these fine men reflects very well on your departments and the entire town of Edgartown.

Ken Monahan