Chappy ferry will use North Water Street for vehicle line

— File photo by Susan Safford

Edgartown selectmen Monday agreed to let vehicles wait in a marked lane along North Water Street when Daggett Avenue is unable to accommodate the line of vehicles waiting to board the Chappy ferry.

During the summer months the line jumps to Simpson’s Lane and a police officer funnels vehicles to Daggett Avenue. Ferry owner Peter Wells proposed the use of North Water street as a temporary measure during the winter months.

He expects longer lines when the larger of his two boats is out of the water for maintenance beginning sometime later this month.

Mr. Wells said that when the ferry line backs up on Daggett Street, cars will queue up in the waiting lane on the West side of North Water Street. If that fills up, the line will extend back along Simpsons Lane. The plan will require sacrificing a loading zone, a handicapped parking space, and two regular parking spaces along North Water street, to make room for non-ferry traffic to move through.

Mr. Wells said the adjustment will be clear to drivers waiting for the ferry, and will not require a traffic officer posted on the street.

“There are times during the day when everybody seems to show up at the same time,” Mr. Wells told selectmen at their Monday meeting. “Something like this could be worth trying.”

Selectmen directed the police department and the highway department to work out a plan for relocating the handicapped parking space and the loading zone, create temporary roadway markings to outline the travel lane, and create signs to direct drivers waiting for the ferry.

Also Monday, Mr. Wells received permission from selectmen to bury two concrete anchor blocks near the ferry slips on the Chappaquiddick side. The blocks will be used to secure the boats in a hurricane.

In other action, selectmen approved a new annual alcohol license for Atria. The popular Upper Main Street restaurant plans to remain open year-round.

Selectmen also approved 15 separate articles on a warrant for a special town meeting scheduled for October 25.