Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School SAT results positive


The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) class of 2011 achieved SAT scores above the state mean scores in critical reading. The class’s mean scores in critical reading and writing also were above the New England and national mean scores for all schools. Math mean scores were above the New England mean score but fell below the national and state mean scores for the second year in a row.

High school guidance director Michael McCarthy provided the SAT results to the MVRHS school committee Monday night. Of 166 graduates in the class of 2011, he said 133 students, 80 percent, took the SAT.

Mr. McCarthy also provided the latest profile about MVRHS that the guidance department sends out to colleges, schools, and employers with a student’s transcript. Post-secondary plans for the class of 2011 included in the profile indicate that out of 166 students, 112 planned to attend a four-year college, and 13 were headed to a two-year college, technical school, or prep school.

Of the remainder, 26 planned to work after graduation, 2 to enter military service, and 13 to travel or do volunteer work. Every MVRHS graduate leaves MVRHS with a transitional plan worked out with a guidance counselor, Mr. McCarthy said.

One-hundred twenty-two students in the class of 2011 also completed a senior exit survey by the American College Testing Survey Research Services, Mr. McCarthy said. The survey asks students to rank characteristics of the high school in terms of satisfaction in categories such as instruction, activities, guidance and counseling, facilities, and general characteristics.

Mr. McCarthy said the results of the survey indicated that students’ impressions of MVRHS were above the national norm in terms of their satisfaction with their high school’s programs, services, and facilities.