Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions September 26-30, 2011



Sept. 29, Arnold L. Reisman and Paula M. Lyons, trustees of the Reisman-Lyons Realty Trust sold 34 Larsen Lane to Fern L. Frolin and Mitchell H. Kaplan for $669,256.

Sept. 30, Aurora Loan Services LLC, Elizabeth Young Fenty and Russell Norman Fenty sold by foreclosure deed 12 Wintergreen Way to Aurora Loan Services LLC for $350,000.


Sept. 27, Timothy M. Biddle and Florence E. Biddle, individually and as trustees of the Timothy M. Biddle Revocable Trust sold 74 South Summer St. to Bart M. Schwartz, trustee of the Cheryl M. Schwartz QPRT and Cheryl Schwartz, trustee of the Bart Schwartz QPRT for $2,200,000.

Sept. 29, Herbert F. Gold, trustee of 1994 Herbert F. Gold Family Trust sold 13 Navy Way to Andrew W. and Cathy B. Burch for $1,745,000.

Sept. 30, Three Sandbars LLC sold 8 Golf Club Rd. to Robert M. McCarron, trustee of KJC Realty Trust for $7,950,000.

Sept. 30, Margaret A. Zanetti and Elizabeth A. Zanetti sold 29 Flamingo Drive to Mathieu Ford Sales Inc. for $800,000.

Sept. 30, James J. and Eva M. Santacroce sold 41 Pocha Ave. to Christopher Hallgren and Lisa M. Nold for $340,000.

Sept. 30, Dorothea Kontsas sold 28 Deacon Vincent Way to David P. and Rachel E. Padulo for $650,000.

Sept. 30, Allan Coe sold 24 Sampson Ave. to Stephen M. Tirrell and Molly Pickett for $275,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 30, Todd M. and Mia R. Rebello sold 32 Barling Ave. to David Jendrick and Lisa Silvia for $385,000.


Sept. 29, Brian David Ferguson and Deborah M. Ferguson sold Unit 10, 24 Sandpiper Lane to Jonathan C. and Eileen B. Wheeler for $576,000.

Sept. 30, Fairtide Investors LLC sold 172 Main St. to Diana Dennison Smith, trustee of Fairtide Nominee Trust for $931,000.

West Tisbury

Sept. 26, Bennett A. and Jane B. Weintraub sold 150 Skiffs Lane to Mark D. Moses and Mary T. Feltes for $285,000.

Sept. 30, Martha’s Vineyard Museum Inc. sold a portion of 5 Janes Fair Way to Polly Hill Arboretum Inc. for $200,000.

Sept. 30, Martha’s Vineyard Museum Inc. and the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society Inc. sold a portion of 5 Janes Fair Way to the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Inc. for $800,000.