Welcoming and relaxing


To the Editor:

We recently spent five days on Martha’s Vineyard, and apart from the weather defying (in our favour) the forecasts, we experienced significant gestures of friendship from residents, which we would like to put on record.

When we arrived at Vineyard Haven, due to a misunderstanding we found ourselves on Owen Little Way with heavy cases, no transport, and — as we discovered — quite some distance from our destination at a friend’s cottage in Mink Meadows. A young woman stopped and not only worked out where we should be, but drove us there, despite the fact that she was on her way to work.

And, at the end of our stay, a neighbour pulled up as we waited for the 10A bus and offered us a lift to the airport.

As visitors from Scotland, we would be grateful for an opportunity to thank these kind folk — and in general to say how welcoming and relaxing we found the Vineyard during our stay.

Maggie and Alastair Hunter

Glasgow, Scotland