Saints preserve us from the roundabout


To the Editor:

I find it preposterous that one vote, the deciding vote, by one individual who openly and unashamedly stated he was doing the bidding of a select Oak Bluffs group, has now given us, the MV public users of the roadways, an unwieldy, impractical, accident-producing monstrosity.

I am frankly aghast. As an 80-year-old frequent traveler abroad, I have endured ample opportunity to utilize these treacherous roundabouts.They can be dangerous and life-threatening, as one is forced into a mad scurry entering the already rushing circular maelstrom in times of high usage. Ditto for exiting.

The entire plan is diabolical and beyond this old lady’s comprehension.and ability to cope. I imagine other senior citizens, of whom we have many here, will agree, as will confounded visitors. As other dissidents have suggested, we then will endure longer-than-ever lines in Edgartown and Vineyard Haven, in addition to the poor hapless souls unable to venture into the whirling circular racetrack from the opposite directions. May saints preserve us.

I suggest that an Island-wide democratic vote be demanded by the Island populace who otherwise will become the unwitting innocent victims of this disastrous undertaking, made possible by one lone vote. Help.

Doreen Kinsman

Vineyard Haven

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