You’ll hate it


To the Editor:

We have come to Martha’s Vineyard from Lawrence Kansas, a university town with a population of less than 100,000. It’s the Land of the Roundabouts.

Off the top of my head, I can count 10 roundabouts plus two newly built highway 70 Lawrence exit roundabouts. Mess up and you’re headed back to Kansas City or Topeka.

Here are some of the realties of the roundabout safety issue that I did not see in print. What is going to happen is that cars will either totally stop as before in their confusion or bully their way through or hit/sideswipe curbs as they talk/text on phone. As for bikers and pedestrians right of way? Forget about them.

Emergency vehicles will lose potential lifesaving minutes while having to negoiate a circle their trucks were not built to do and hoping cars can figure out how to get out of their way.

Buses and big trucks such as Stop & Shop, Cape Cod Express, UPS etc., won’t even bother to go around. They will drive straight through as much as possible thereby physically destroying the roundabout over a short period of time. This is going to necessitate more money for repairs and upkeep. Do you all have that money saved up?

Islanders and tourists will go in search of alternate routes to avoid the roundabout, thus increasing potential traffic dangers elsewhere over the Island.

So, why waste big money on a single elaborate “white elephant” project when the simple solution is staring in the face, hiding in plain sight.

The “fix’ins” at the Blinker are already in place. Just put in a basic full functioning traffic signal. Add turn lanes with signals. Crank it up between Memorial and Labor days and then let it be a Blinker again off season. It is doable. It solves a problem. It saves some money. It maintains Island integrity. Plus roundabouts are just plain ugly.

To repeat, I have lived in the land of the roundabouts. Trust me, you all will hate it. You all will regret it.Please don’t do this to our Island paradise. Thank You.

Jackie Dunn