A harvest celebration


To the Editor:

The Athearn Family and the rest of the staff at Morning Glory Farm thank the Vineyard community for coming to our farm last Saturday to celebrate the fall harvest at our Pumpkin Festival.

It was extremely gratifying to see the smiles on the faces of such a wide variety of people and especially the remarkable number of little people with their parents. It was great fun for us too.

Thank you for the kind comments that give us rewards that money can’t buy.

We thank the Edgartown Police for their support and helpful presence and the volunteers from the MV Gleaners’ Group and others who helped to supervise games, scoop soup, serve pumpkin pie, dip French fries and operate our pumpkin trebuchet. Thank you to Island Alpaca; The Farm Institute; Geoff Rose, with the How Green is Your Island Game; the Island Grown Initiative and Island Grown Schools; Rick Hamilton, the judge; and Kim Baker with her horses, for joining our celebration.

The Flying Elbows’ music gave everyone a great soundtrack for a farm festival. We are grateful that our Island community, on so many levels, is supportive of our farm and other agricultural ventures on the Island. We are happy that good, simple fun and fresh, safe, and tasty food are important to people here, so that festivals like ours and the Living Local Harvest Festival are so well attended.

Jim Athearn

The Athearn Family

The Whole Crew at Morning Glory Farm