Martha’s Vineyard Commission asked to reconsider roundabout vote


Leonard Jason Jr., a Chilmark member of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, asked the regional agency Thursday evening to reconsider its approval of a state-funded roundabout to replace the four-way stop at what is known as the Blinker intersection.

Mr. Jason had been a no-voter when the roundabout construction was approved by the MVC on October 6. The vote then was 7-6 in favor.

The Vineyard Gazette reported today that Mr. Jason’s fellow Chilmark commission member, Chris Murphy, put off consideration of Mr. Jason’s motion, taking note that two other commission members, one in favor, the other opposed to the roundabout, were not present at the October 20 meeting to participate in reconsidering the matter.

Mr. Murphy cast the deciding vote in favor at the October 6 meeting.

Reconsideration may be before the full commission on November 3.