Didn’t mean to sound snippy


To the Editor:

Oops. I made an unnecessary comment to Jack Shea, who writes for The Times. He covered the special meeting of MVTV’s board of directors in October 25. (see “MVTV undergoes more change at the top,” MV Times, October 27).

My comment was unnecessary because Mr. Shea and I were already fully informed about Massachusetts’s Open Meeting Law, which defines and restricts the use of “executive session” (confidential) meetings by all state, county, regional and local “governmental bodies.” Mr. Shea and I also knew that the Open Meeting Law does not apply to nongovernmental, nonprofit “501c3” organizations such as MVTV and many others here on Martha’s Vineyard and statewide.

My comment was not only unnecessary but, as Mr. Shea reported it, (probably verbatim, although I haven’t listened yet to the recording of the meeting), it sounds arrogant and snippy. I didn’t intend it to be either, and I apologize for its tone to my fellow board members at MVTV and to the readers of The Times.

Jonathan Revere

West Tisbury