New West Tisbury studio helps spinners find their center

Triva Emery (right) leads a class that Kimberly Cartwright (far left) joined during the middle of the afternoon and the height of the storm. — Photo by Lynn Christoffers

Om of Motion in West Tisbury nearly floated off its foundation during Saturday’s downpour, but loyal spinners kept the flywheels going through it all. To take their minds off counting calories and sponging off sweat, four films were shown — “Rear Window,” “Ghostbusters,” “Halloween,” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Costumes were encouraged, but most participants looked like they cared more about exercise than subterfuge. Exercise, fun, and food — that is — a winning combination imagined and executed by Kimberly Cartwright and Triva Emery, owners and co-founders of Om of Motion.

”Om is feeling the joy of breath, movement and you,” according to their website. “We are dedicated to the idea that a true workout for the body will also feed the spirit.”

After all, when all is said and done, “There’s No Place Like Om,” as the flyer for the event proclaimed,

To refuel after a grueling workout, spinners sidled up to sample some of Gina Stanley’s taste treats from the ArtCliff Diner truck, which was parked just outside, emitting intoxicating aromas into the soggy, wind-whipped atmosphere of the parking lot.