Against SMF, little people can win


To the Editor:

I am responding to the November 3 news article titled “SMF tells Judge defendants’ online comments scuttled settlement talks.”

I’m not surprised that Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation (SMF) doesn’t want to mediate. Are they afraid of the outcome? Nisa and Ben have so much public support that now SMF has to say we tried to be nice, would give them $10,000 to quiet them and send them on their way.

But Nisa and Ben said no. Why should they be bullied out of their land that has been in Ben’s family for generations? Nisa and Ben can’t control what comes out of someone’s mouth. This is a small Island, and stories are going to fly around no matter what side you are on.

I went to a funeral recently and heard so many different stories about this my head was spinning. Furthermore, if there is a gag order, why is SMF’s lawyer commenting about the case for this article?

SMF really needs to mediate and stop placing blame on Nisa and Ben. What are they afraid of? — that they might lose this one and further damage their reputation?

Nisa and Ben just want to build a home and start a family on the Island that they both love and are from. Remember David and Goliath? Us little people can win against the one percenters on this Island. God works in mysterious ways.

Phyllis and Woody Williams

Vineyard Haven