COMSOG greenhouse gets a new plastic roof thanks to volunteers


Thirty-some-odd volunteers showed up at the Community Solar Greenhouse (COMSOG) in Oak Bluffs on Saturday to replace the plastic roof of the greenhouse.

The plastic sheeting is designed to last three or four years, but the roof that was retired on Saturday had been in place for nine years, according to Thalia Scanlan, COMSOG’s president. Over that extended lifetime, its transparency has been compromised by fading and cracking. Improved lighting, which will boost growth in the greenhouse, was noticeable as soon as the new sheeting was in place.

The weather was fine but blustery, leading some participants to wonder if they’d go for a plastic kite ride during installation of the new roof.

A veteran of dozens of similar re-roofing jobs, Jeremiah Brown of Vineyard Gardens directed the operation.

The efforts of the many volunteers were rewarded with plenty of hearty food once the plastic was in place.