No common sense


To the Editor:

Once again, I am roundly disturbed by the lack of common sense displayed by those who would say they are acting on our behalf, that is the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.

Squarely in the face of a majority of public opinion and against all fiscal and longterm safety concerns, our commission has voted not once, but twice to continue on with this boondoggle of a project, the ill-fated rotary. I say ill-fated, because as you all know, it will eventually have to be dismantled in favor of a more efficient, safer, and less costly alternative: a controlled blinker/signal light. In the meantime, the only beneficiaries of this project will be our local mechanics and body repair specialists, who stand to clean up when the vehicles start playing bumper pool.

A simple signal is something that all motorists can comprehend the very first time they encounter it. We don’t have the luxury of tens of thousands of motorists engaging in a trial and error process until they get it right. A controllable signal would also ensure the safety of those pedestrians and bicyclists whose safe passage through the roundabout will mean the installation of signal lights in addition to the roundabout. Why on earth do we need both?

Obviously, a good portion of the commissioners are listening to their constituents and exhibiting and defending sensible positions on this. Their lack of good judgement as a body however calls into question the very need for their continued existence as force of government here on the Island.

Bill Narkiewicz