Amazing outcome for lawyer Vincent


To the Editor:

The recent plea agreement regarding Edgartown lawyer Edward “Pete” Vincent amazes me. He admitted he stole nearly $600,000 of his clients’ money, and just because he gave it back he gets a tap, not a slap on the wrist?

Let me say that again so it sinks in, he admitted he stole nearly $600,000. He had to pay a total of $180 dollars to the victim witness fund and a $50 monthly probation fee. So his fine totals $1,380. The felony larceny charges will be dropped after one year.

He did not plead guilty to the charges, he admitted the prosecutor had “sufficient facts” to find him guilty. The charges of fiduciary embezzlement/misapplication were dismissed.

I know there is a lot about the law that I do not understand, but if you take a few steps back and look at the whole picture, there is a question that should be addressed. Is there real equality in our legal system, or is justice a matter of who can afford a good lawyer?

Stephen Oliveira

Fall River