Edgartown man cited for baiting deer


Environmental Police Sgt. Matt Bass cited Mark Morris, 51, of Edgartown for hunting deer in a baited area and seized $1,850 worth of hunting equipment, on Friday, November 11.

Sgt. Matt Bass reports that he issued a non-criminal citation and $50 fine to Mr. Morris, after observing him hunting with a bow from a tree stand, about 30 feet from two piles of apples.

Placing bait, including any natural or artificial substance that deer might eat, in conjunction with hunting, is prohibited by state hunting regulations.

Sgt. Bass said he observed bait placed in an area off Oyster-Watcha Road on several occasions over the past three years.

“I had several in-depth conversations with Morris in the past regarding hunting over bait,” Mr. Bass wrote in his report. “Most recently in August or September of this year, we had talked about what would constitute hunting over bait.”

On November 11, according to the report, Sgt. Bass confronted Mr. Morris shortly after 3 pm in the same area, as he came down from the tree stand.

“During this time Morris stated several times that ‘you got me,’ and offered to pay the fines for any citation he was to receive to me directly in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” Sgt. Bass wrote in his report.

Sgt. Bass also cited Mr. Morris for an unsigned archery stamp, also a $50 fine.