High speed chase through Edgartown ends in arrest


Edgartown police will seek charges against Emmett Cook,18, of Edgartown, following a November 11 incident that began with a high speed pursuit and ended with police subduing Mr. Cook by force.

Late in the evening, Environmental Police Sgt. Matt Bass attempted to stop a vehicle on Metcalf Drive because he observed a rear license plate light out. Sgt. Bass said the driver failed to stop as requested, and he began a pursuit.

Sgt. Bass contacted Edgartown Police by radio. Edgartown police officers Joel DeRoche and Alex Elias intercepted the vehicle at Dodger’s Hole, in the area of Flamingo Drive, according to police reports.

“After the truck drove past Officer Elias, it tried to drive past my cruiser on the right,” Officer DeRoche wrote in his report. “I safely maneuvered my cruiser to the right and the truck came to a stop. I exited my cruiser, drew my service pistol, and began giving verbal commands to the truck’s three occupants.”

Officer DeRoche wrote that the driver, later identified as Mr. Cook, got out of the truck only after repeated commands, then refused a command to get on the ground.

“I grabbed the back of Cook’s jacket and took him to ground,” Officer DeRoche wrote. He was handcuffed and searched for weapons.”

Police said the search yielded no weapons, but they discovered a blue backpack containing marijuana, scales, and other drug paraphernalia, as well as $370 in cash.

“I questioned Cook on the blue backpack,” Officer DeRoche wrote. “Cook said he didn’t know what I was talking about. I then asked Cook if he had a job, and he said he did not. When questioned about the large amount of cash in his wallet, Cook told me it was his birthday last summer and his dad gave him some money.”

Sgt. Bass arrested Mr. Cook for failing to submit to a police officer. Edgartown police planned to issue a summons on drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Two passengers in the vehicle, including a juvenile, were not charged.