Thanks for raising the roof


To the Editor:

On November 5, the Island community turned out in full force to help the Community Solar Greenhouse of Martha’s Vineyard (COMSOG) raise our new and much-needed greenhouse roof. Led by Jeremiah Brown, lead foreman at Vineyard Gardens, the roof-raisers slipped the old roof off, then wrestled and secured two layers of new plastic to complete the bright transformation.

Volunteers from across the Island, the Dukes County Community Service, and members pitched in to ensure a healthy growing environment for COMSOG’s organic plants, flowers, vegetables, and educational programs. The seedlings are already smiling at the difference.

Thanks to all the willing workers: Steve Auerbach, Lyrane Barlosky, Jen Brown, Betsy Cabana, Peter Cabana, Dick Carr, Ellen Descheneaux, Casey Eason, Katie Fourier, Kathy Gumkowski, Phyllis Jampol, Brian Kennedy, Rick Kugler, Chris Legge, Alicia Lesnikowska, Chuck McBride, Kelly McCarron, Enid McEvoy, Stephanie Michalczyk, Mike Mitchell, Barbara Peckham, Bob Prenda, Maritza Sands, Richard Sands, Jack Scanlan, Arlene Scotland, Joe Scotland, Bill Thorpe, Lynn Thorpe, and Bob Williams.

Your generous work will pay off in wonderful years of great growing.

Thalia Scanlan

West Tisbury



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