Time for Edgartown selectmen to act for Chappy residents


To the Editor:

Three years ago, several hundred Chappaquiddick residents petitioned the Edgartown selectmen to support efforts to provide cable service to our island. This month, with the issue of service to all Island towns in the hands of a cable advisory board, a draft agreement ready to present to Comcast for approval apparently leaves Chappy out in the cold.

So Edgartown would sign an agreement to financially enhance MVTV, a service unavailable to Chappy without cabling. The greater need for our residents is the ability to connect to the Internet. Edgartown selectmen claim to be arguing for our interests, but the progress so far has been disappointing. Edgartown can exert bargaining pressure in ongoing negotiations with the cable provider.

It is time for these elected officials to act.

Bob O’Rourke