The Dems’ view of deficit reduction


To the Editor:

Our goal in writing this letter to Sen. John F. Kerry and the super committee is to impart our belief in the importance of the preservation of a robust middle class for this country.

We offer suggestions on expense reduction and revenue enhancement in four areas of concern, to address the financial deficit in our country.

In the economy, we urge no reduction of unemployment benefits, foreign aid, and infrastructure funding, including mass transit. We suggest cuts in outsourcing of American jobs, most corporate subsidies, and loopholes given to big business. We urge an increase in taxes on the top one percent of income-earners and all corporations, and further increased taxes on those corporations that outsource American jobs.

In achieving a robust middle class, we urge no cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, which is self-funded, and the mortgage interest deduction. Do not cut farm subsidies to professional family farms. Do not cut public education, including Head Start. Reduce corporate subsidies unless they produce American jobs.

On the environment, we urge no cuts to the EPA and to maintain funding for all green energy and green technology efforts. We encourage cuts of subsidies to big oil, big coal, and nuclear power. Aggressive pursuit of environmental violators should result in painful fines to those who desecrate the environment.

With the military, do not cut veterans benefits. However, a cut to the top one percent of military salaries is in order. Reduce/end the war. Cut deficit spending 25 percent across the board. One job-producer is to end outsourcing to foreign and private companies.

We trust you take these suggestions seriously. There is an urgent need to address the financial imbalance in the country, as we rebound from the recession. We appreciate your grasp of the important role played by the middle class in this country.

Martha’s Vineyard Democrats

Binnie Ravitch

Vice Chairman

Vineyard Haven

Thomas Dresser


Oak Bluffs