Federal government reimburses Edgartown for old water projects


The U.S. Department of Agriculture this week reimbursed the town of Edgartown for $106,680 the town spent on water department projects that date back to 2007.

That was good news for the town. Earlier this month the USDA, the agency that funded the projects with loans and grants, notified the town that it would not be reimbursed because the water department did not send proper documentation for the spending.

Town accountant Kimberly Kane said Monday she worked with the water department administrator to reconcile the old bills with the projects, and sent the documentation to the federal government. The USDA approved her accounting of the project spending, and agreed to reimburse the town for the money it spent from its general fund to cover some of the project costs.

Water department superintendent Fred Domont told selectmen at their November 14 meeting that his department did send all the proper documentation, and suggested an independent accounting of the old bills.

Ms. Kane said she is still working with the USDA to determine whether approximately $50,000 related to clean-up costs for the water department projects is reimbursable.