Not mischiefmakers


To the Editor:

It was brought to my attention — a grandparent of two of the kids — that the youth club from the Federated Church in Edgartown was refused permission to spend New Year’s Eve as a group overnight at the Chappy Center.

All overnights or “lock-ins” that have occurred at the Federated Church many times are supervised by the pastor, his staff, and parents. “Lock-ins,” as they are called, mean that after 9 pm no one is permitted in or out of the building. That ensures security for the kids. This would also be the case for the New Year’s Eve event they had hoped to plan.

What better place for our teenagers on New Year’s Eve than a supervised overnight? These are great kids, the youth club is a well established organization. It gives the kids opportunities to share what they are doing, give community service, also plan trips in different areas of the country.

I’m so sorry the people who are in charge of the Chappy Center felt so negative about these kids. Their thoughts were about mischief.

That is not the case at all. Hopefully they will reconsider their answer.

Rosemary Stiles