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Reel Picks

The metal crunching fifth in the "The Fast and the Furious" series is set in Rio de Janeiro and includes a jail break, turbo-charged car crashes, rocket-propelled grenades, a $100 million bank heist, slam-bam car thefts, drug trafficking and the FBI in hot pursuit.

They’ve got the data, but is it the right data

The news this week is that the Steamship Authority's managers have been busy assembling data to help them figure out which of their customers is subsidizing the others and to what extent.

It’s a silly old world, and it’s getting away from us

In Americans' off-again, on-again quest for greater civility in public debates, I've been one of those renegades who defends, at least intermittently, the value and long tradition of contention.

New Oak Bluffs development planned, 61 homes on 68 acres

Two neighboring landowners this week began the permitting process to build 61 houses in a new development called Lagoon Ridge, off Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs.

SSA describes who pays for whom in rate analysis

An analysis of the Steamship Authority (SSA) rate structure, prepared by boatline management, shows that the cost of service on the Martha's Vineyard routes increased by 3.

Jean Marc Levesque

Jean Marc "Frenchy" Levesque, 64, of West Tisbury died on May 4 at Massachusetts General Hospital surrounded by his loving family.

From Martha’s Vineyard, fighting for human rights in Germany

The Times occasionally publishes essays from Vineyarders at home and abroad who are doing important work or having noteworthy experiences.

Noteworthy events

Island Thunder Sound System is hosting a DJ competition, also known as a Soundclash, at The Lampost this Saturday night, starting at 10 pm.

Edgartown selectmen offer option to trim health care costs

Edgartown selectmen approved a new medical insurance plan for retired town employees Monday, in an effort to trim costs.

Deadlines approach for August Ag Fair competitions

In anticipation of the 150th anniversary of the Ag Fair this August, Agricultural Society officials, also known as the "Fair ladies," remind entrants that the early deadlines for the commemorative parade on August 16 and the special class entries is Wednesday, June 1.

Devin takes grappling gold

Devin Church, 23, of West Tisbury, competing in the Featherweight Division, won the gold medal in the North American Grappling Association world championship meet on Saturday, May 7, at Morristown, New Jersey.

Poetry in Motion

From out of the sun and out of the west,this Oak Bluffs osprey descends toward its nest.

Police arrest Edgartown man outside post office for narcotics mail pick up

Edgartown police, working with State Police and the U.

Thanks for all that you do

Just recently, at the Oak Bluffs School, more than 50 parents organized the most amazing staff appreciation, week-long celebration at our school.

Stolen property probe leads to Edgartown drug arrest

On Thursday, May 12, Edgartown and State Police arrived at 29 Edgewood Drive, armed with a search warrant in connection with an investigation into stolen property.

Foreclosures numbers down compared to one year ago

Initiated and completed foreclosures as well as foreclosure auction notices were all down significantly in April compared to a year ago, according to data released Tuesday morning, the State House News Service reported.

Bill Buckner guest of honor for Martha’s Vineyard Sharks event

Former Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner visited Sharky's Cantina in Edgartown this past Saturday, May 14, for a fundraiser benefiting the Vineyard Baseball Park, home of the Martha's Vineyard Sharks.

R.I.P., Tutu

Tutu, the cat that lived at the welfare office with Barbara Flynn and lived in West Tisbury has died.

The music lives on

Maybe it was the blackbird fluttering across the stage.