Yearly Archives: 2011

Island influence on Thaw Mailin

"I always wanted to be here," Thaw Malin says. "This has been home for me, and I feel safe here. It was my friends that brought me back."

Island influence on seascape artists

Three Island photographers who have been shooting seascapes here for more than100 combined years say they're not done yet.

Island influence on landscape artists

From rolling farmland and ancient stone walls to dramatic beaches and colorful cliffs, the Vineyard's extraordinary variety of terrain offers inspiration to its resident landscape painters.

on galleries

The way we're most aware of the Island influence on galleries is that being here makes it easier to sell art.

Island Influence defined

Different artists have different reasons for why they tend to focus on Vineyard scenes.

Concussion repercussions: Vineyard is ahead of new state rules

New state regulations about recognition and treatment of concussions to high school students are protocols in use at MVRHS for the past 4 years.

Ocean swimming on Martha’s Vineyard

Swimming next to a dozen striped bass... or even a stray tropical fish. Ocean swimming on the Vineyard is a unique experience.

Angola capoeira now offered on Martha’s Vineyard

For many years there has been a thriving group of capoeira practitioners, or capoeiristis, on the Vineyard