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Sheriff’s Meadow trims trees for a day

A conservation organization on Martha's Vineyard offers free Christmas tress to those who would come and cut them.

Charter Schoolers scrub and rinse to fund Italian trip

In shirtsleeves and even in bare feet, school kids beautify cars to fortify the kitty for a trip to Italy.

Dog parks suit some canines, others not so much

Some dogs thrive in dog parks, whether on Martha's Vineyard or anywhere else. For others it's trickier.

Yoga is everywhere on Martha’s Vineyard, but which one’s for you?

For those tempted to take up yoga, the many types available can be confusing "” and intimidating. No longer, after they read this primer.

Harnessing bittersweet, harvesting kale on Martha’s Vineyard

The unseasonable weather reminds gardeners that their work is never finished, really.

Holiday bazaars and benefit sales for Martha’s Vineyard shoppers

Unusual arts and crafts are available for Martha's Vineyard shoppers looking for original and meaningful gifts.

Alley Ellis of Edgartown takes on Broadway

From a pool of 1,000 aspiring actors, Alley Ellis was chosen as one of 120 young actors to perform in front of an audience of 3.5 million people.

Absent the Theater Project, there’s still lots to do

I am a Tisbury School parent, and I am writing in the wake of the loss of the Fourth Grade Theater Project.

How to keep them coming? Restaurant owners describe their tactics

When winter winds blow, restaurant owners know they need to step it up to keep customers coming to their Martha's Vineyard establishments.

State launches public campaign to unearth pension fraud

How the public pension system works and what it costs, as state officials begin a campaign to prevent fraud.

Gone huntin’: Internet license trades convenience for class

With the Massachusetts deer and duck hunting seasons in full swing, the Massachusetts (DFW last week announced significant changes in licensing and the checking in of game animals.

Martha’s Vineyard Charter School enrollment is luck of the draw

The enrollment process at Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School involves a lottery to choose a certain number of students for each Island town.

Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools enrollment holds steady

A census taken in Martha's Vineyard Public Schools on October 1 shows that enrollment remains flat, while budgets go up.

Down-Island Methodists join forces under one pastor

Of Faith: This is the third in a continuing series in which The Times profiles Island houses of worship.

County commission takes hard look at management

Commissioners ask county manager to account for time, consider part-time position.

ASMFC says striped bass stocks in good condition, no overfishing

The agency responsible for monitoring striped bass said the stock is healthy and not overfished. Many recreational fishermen disagree with that assessment.

Nantucket SSA member Flint Ranney gives gift for Vineyard ferries

In it together, Nantucket and the Vineyard will share the pleasurable, tuneful sound of steam whistles, thanks to a gift from the distant island.

The sooner the better for holiday shipping

With turkey leftovers gone, it's time to think holiday shipping. Island post offices and shipping businesses advise, the sooner, the better.

SSA service challenged by pre-Thanksgiving weather

Despite high winds and rough seas on Wednesday last week, Steamship Authority (SSA) boats ran as scheduled to shift travelers on and off the Island for Thanksgiving celebrations.

Tisbury selectmen set public hearing on shellfish regulation

Tisbury selectmen Tristan Israel and Jeff Kristal set a public hearing for 5:30 pm on December 13 to consider an amendment to the town's shell-fishing regulations, in response to a request from shellfish constable Danielle Ewart.