Did everyone make it through the first of the three brutal holidays, Thanksgiving? Waistline still intact? All family members accounted for? Most people I talked to stayed here for the holiday, some inviting off-Island family and friends and others gathering Island friends together.

Academic Honors

Tisbury School 1st Quarter Honor Roll 8th grade High Honors Benjamin Davey, Edwin Gould-Hatt, Olivia Jacobs, Nelly Katzman, Casey McAndrews, Kaela Vecchia-Zeitz Honors Celena Guimaraes, Jacob Janak, Jacob King, Chace Lewis, Jeremey Mercier, Ellie O’Callaghan, Megan Piche, Michaela Piche, Amber Willoughby 7th Grade High Honors Colbeck Leuenberger Honors Lucas Barcelos, Alexandra Barlett, Robson Borges, Monica […]