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Oak Bluffs

The rains are going to be our guests for this week, if the weather forecasters are to be believed.


Women Empowered (WE) would like to thank everyone who made Saturday's benefit at the Wharf so special.

Rush and us

Why is it that Rush Limbaugh has such a hate on for Mr.

Apples and intersections

I have been following the story about the proposed roundabout, and I have been reading the opinions of people both for and against it.

Bridge guardrails too low

Last week, while driving over the Bourne Bridge, I saw the plaque "1933-1935.

Martha’s Vineyard fishing season begins

A great white is nothing to fret about compared to swamp people. For Island fishermen the focus is on striped bass.

Beatles featured in Oak Bluffs spring musical

The music of The Beatles is truly timeless.

Double dose of Vineyard fundraisers

This past Friday and Saturday there were two benefits for Island community members: the Vineyard Montessori School and Paul Jackson, who was injured in a car accident last year.

Brazilians on Martha’s Vineyard organize to have a voice

While Brazilians have been living and working on Martha's Vineyard since the late 1980s, for the first time they have formed an association to better represent them — and to represent themselves to the whole Island community.


Last week I asked whether anyone could tell me more about the beautiful Bradford pear trees along Clough Lane.


One week away from Memorial Day weekend, and I feel like I have a forest of oak trees attempting to take root in my lungs.

West Tisbury

My husband laughs at me every time I speak in superlatives, but this truly has been the most beautiful spring.


On April 24, well-known landscape artist Ray Ellis turned 90, and celebrated in style.

When a dog “chokes,” check out its mouth

"Our dog is choking!" the voice shouted frantically.

The problem with striped bass management

Recently, the editor of a fishing magazine to which I contribute assigned me the daunting task of summarizing in 130 words or less what I consider to be the biggest problem facing the fishery in my region.

Oak Bluffs Library friends wants old books in good condition

The Library Friends of Oak Bluffs will hold the first of three drop-off days to collect used books in preparation for the organization's annual book sale in July.

Thanks to so many

On behalf of Featherstone Center for the Arts, I thank The Martha's Vineyard Times and especially Gwyn McCallister and photographer Ralph Stewart for attending and

Photos: Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Prom

On Saturday, May 14, Martha's Vineyard Regional High School juniors celebrated their prom at the Beach Plum Inn in Chilmark.