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West Tisbury

What's better than the library being open on Sundays? Winter hours, 1 to 5 pm, commenced this past Sunday.

Oak Bluffs

Ed and Linda BenDavid and their family have been busier than usual lately.


So, I saw something last week that I usually don't see in Aquinnah: a plane on Lobsterville Road.


Those wonderful scarecrows will be put up this weekend.

New birds

When we moved to the city, we thought that we and our bird friends had been sundered forever.

Rupert, the last word

On behalf of the neighbors residing on and around Leonard Circle in Vineyard Haven, we thank William Waterway for his assistance in finding a new home for Rupert the rooster.

A program that helped

I want to start off by letting you know that I understand you were probably not the sole decider in the decision to cut the Rebecca Amos Institute (R.


To a former resident and new, occasional visitor, the Vineyard is a special place.

Asha says thanks

Thank you Steamship Authority and 1:15 pm ferry passengers for waiting for me.

Foil the trash thieves

I have been following the Island discussions in the newspaper regarding financial hardships, particularly in Oak Bluffs but in other Island towns as well.

Paying for water she doesn’t use

There has been a lot of press recently about delinquent accounts and termination of a basic necessity of life — water — to our homes, by the commissioners at the Tisbury Waterworks.

About beaches, sort of

Anybody familiar with this section of the paper probably saw this one coming.

You’ll hate it

We have come to Martha's Vineyard from Lawrence Kansas, a university town with a population of less than 100,000.

Saints preserve us from the roundabout

I find it preposterous that one vote, the deciding vote, by one individual who openly and unashamedly stated he was doing the bidding of a select Oak Bluffs group, has now given us, the MV public users of the roadways, an unwieldy, impractical, accident-producing monstrosity.

He’s opposed too

Add my name to the list of people opposed to the roundabout.


The latest dispute we expound about/Is whether to build a new roundabout.

Direct action

Occupy the roundabout.

Unexpected cancellation

For 17 years, it has been our joy and privilege to work with almost 2,000 fourth graders in the Martha's Vineyard Public Schools system.

Put up a parking lot

I keep reading over the articles in the Gazette and The Times and wondering if everyone involved with the Coast Guard boathouse is missing the point altogether.

Sheriffs’ association leader defends fundraising

In response to Nis Kildegaard's article,