Yearly Archives: 2011

Gallery openings

Thursday, Aug.

Glass artist David Geiger takes flight at Gossamer Gallery

David Geiger's latest artistic effort are his two separate, five-foot glass sculptures of Icarus, on display at Gossamer Gallery.

Photorealist painter Steve Mills: Beyond reality

In 1983, a year after graduating college, Steve Mills had his first solo show at The Granary Gallery and sold all but two of his 35 paintings.

Vineyard happenings at art Galleries

Featherstone Center for the Arts is celebrating its 15 years of serving the Island cultural arts community with a y'all come, free afternoon to night birthday party Saturday, Aug.

Oak Bluffs

Now is the time of year when people's fuses are getting short as they have to continually put up with the hot and humid weather, endless traffic, and ruder people.


It's a fact.


I love August.


Remember that wild thunder and lightning storm we had two Saturdays back? Well, did you hear about Juli Mahoney's tree? During the storm Juli and three friends and one small child, Mikey, were in her home when they heard a very, very loud "Wham!" The house shook and things flew off shelves and Juli screamed, louder than she ever had in her entire life.

West Tisbury

"She was born in West Tisbury, and she died in West Tisbury.


Tonight is the annual summer meeting with the selectmen at the Community Center at 7 pm.